Choose your firewood wisely. Your family’s health is a priority!

Layout 1Firewood comes in different types and it important that you know a bit about them before you buy them to keep your house all warm and cozy. Largely there are two types of firewood – green firewood and seasoned firewood. Green firewood would be any tree that has been felled in the last 10-12 months and has more than 50% water content in it. How do you identify green firewood – check for the bark still being intact to the wood, also it will have a distinct smell, it will have sap on it and even to a certain extent have fungus or mold. If you are buying this kind of wood then it is advised to split them and keep them as aired out as possible in order to dry out all the moisture in them. The brænde sold is treated by heating the wood to 150 degrees and this take care of all the fungi and moisture in the wood.

Firewood which has been kiln dried has very little moisture content, is bug free and even clean. So when you burn it, the fumes are safe for you and your family. The firewood obtained from dkbrænde burns clean and has no Creosote in it. If you are planning on buying unseasoned or green firewood then you should keep them as ventilated as possible and so the wood gets seasoned and the water evaporates. This way they are easier to light and healthier to burn. They leave little or no residue on your glass.

Light your garden in a magical way

Layout 1You will be surprised to see that you can do wonders in your garden with the right set of lights. There is no reason to leave it in the dark and not benefit from it as the night falls down. The reality is that you will be able to transform every inch of your yard into something magical.

With the help of the Christmas lights Denver supplier you can choose your favorite LED lighting sets. It is recommended to use LED lights because they are more economic and they have a longer lifespan. They might be a little be more costly in the beginning, but the overall cost is lower than regular lights. Also you can buy lights that have a sunlight charger. It will be a shame not to use the free source of power that is the sun in order to light up the garden at nighttime.

The best thing about having your property lit at night is that you increase the security of the perimeter. This means that the potential thieves will be banished with the help of your wonderful lights. The reality is that you can also benefit from the lights in a more artistic manner. You will be able to create dramatic scenes and enjoy every single bit of the wonders of the garden. If you tend the garden every single day, it is normal to want to tend it during the night. This is why there is no reason why you should not have it wonderfully lit and looking extraordinary.